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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man

-winston churchill

Horse integrated therapy


Integration of ground work with the horses will help improve the talk based therapy by providing an experiential way to learn about yourself and others.  The horse will help you tune into your own feelings and body language, as well as learn about your impact on others.  Horses are prey animals-which means that they are not aggressive and it is necessary to their survival to tune into the emotions of beings around them.  Humans are predators, and even though we come with friendly intentions, the horses must tune into us...for them, it's a matter of life or death!

The inclusion of the horses in the therapeutic process  can be done in the context of individual, couple, family, and group therapy.  This is not a therapeutic riding program, and all of the work with the horses is done from the ground.

Closed toed shoes are required.

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