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I have been noticing lately that a number of people are really eager for change, and FAST!  I absolutely believe that often we need to go slow to go fast, but I also understand...the pain is so real and all consuming, that it just feels like you can't stand it, I am offering intensive sessions to my clients.

Here's how it works

I would recommend always starting with the first session or two as usual, which is once a week.  If, after these sessions, you are feeling like you want to increase the intensity of change, let's chat!  The therapeutic interventions will still be based on the premise that we need to go slow to go fast, as well as looking to identify and shift patterns of interaction.  We will just do it together with a lot less time between sessions. 


For individual sessions, we can book multiple sessions in a week. Possibly 3 sessions in a single week, or 2 sessions a week for 2 weeks.  We can look at extending the length of sessions as well. This would likely be for a short period of time, then we move back to weekly sessions.


For couple sessions, we could extend the session length to 90 minutes, and meet multiple times in a short period (ie. 2 sessions a day for 2 days, or 1 session a day for 2-3 days in a row).  The idea here is to keep you in the mindset and practice for a short, but intense period of time, then move back to once a week sessions.   

For family sessions, we could meet as a family first, then bring parts back to do focused work within the same week.  Note: an increase in intensity for young kids is not generally recommended.

Also consider signing up for a group intervention, as those are less personal, but very intensive, with all groups being run for multiple hours over a weekend.  The focus here is more on psychoeducation, but it can be really helpful to jumpstart change.

If you are wanting to talk about this option, please contact me, Natasha, and I will be happy to talk through options with you!

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