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Family Therapy

"Family is not an important thing. 

It's everything."-Michael J. Fox


Is your family the most important thing to you? Would you do anything for them?  Do you love them unconditionally?  And do things sometimes go super sideways and everyone, including you, are left in tears and upset?  Let's change that together! People frequently misinterpret the meaning behind other people's behaviour/words, and that is especially true with your most important relationships. Let me help you move differently as a family, and have more satisfying, connected relationships.  The foundation model of therapy is Emotionally Focused Family Therapy and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy.

The Details

  • Available for families of all shapes and sizes.  The initial session should include all family members, then together we will decide who should attend the next (few?) sessions.  The entire family should anticipate attending every 3 or 4 sessions

  • Weekly sessions are always preferable and lead to better outcomes

  • The length of service is hard to predict, but often it is a shorter overall length of service than individual therapy

  • Available in person or virtually, in person is preferred

  • Covered by most insurance policies; please check with your provider

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