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Meet Duke, our 16 year old Palomino Quarterhorse. He asked me to let folks know that he loves apples and bananas. 


Meet Scribbles, one of my Golden Retriever co-therapists.  He is 14 years young. 

Meet Hudson, a 3 year old "barn cat" who lives in the house because he is too cuddly!

Bear and Me
Doodles and Scribbles

This is Beorn, aka Bear.  He is a 16 year old Off the Track Thoroughbred.  He is the "OG" of our equine herd.  Carrots are his favourite :)

Here are Doodles (darker) and Scribbles chilling outside the barn after a long walk.


Doodles after a muskrat hunt in the pond :) Doodles is 13 years old and LOVES farm life!


Hudson and Rex enjoying the sun on the deck.

Zeus, the newest addition to the family, being his most endearing self.  He is 2 years old here and runs the show!

Bentley is the baby of our Equine herd, only 12 years old!  He was also an Off the Track Thoroughbred, but unlike Beorn, he won some of his races :)


Little  Hudson and Rex-it was just too cute not to include!

My Fam

Last, but certainly not least, the human family...and a few of the furballs :)

Zeus being adorable
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