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a group for parents and their teens

Hold me tight, let me go


Parenting teens can be HARD! Let me help you keep a strong connection!

"This is an educational workshop for parents and teens that moves relationships from distress toward comfort, understanding and connection. With the help of exercises, structured parent/teen conversations, and group support, families will grow appreciation for how to rely on each other when Hold Me Tight is accompanied by Let Me Go during this important transitional stage of family life."

-Nancy and Paul Aikin

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"Love has an immense ability to help heal the devastating wounds that life sometimes deal us."

-Sue Johnson


I am creating a waitlist for all groups, but groups will be held on weekends.  HMT/LMG will run Friday evening for Parents only, and Saturday and Sunday for Parents and Teens.  Note facilities are largely outdoors, so dress appropriately.

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