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Learn about the Science of Love in this Relationship Enhancement Group

Hold Me Tight Group

Hold Me Tight is a Relationship Enhancement Psychoeducational group based on the scientifically proven work of Dr. Sue Johnson. The Hold Me Tight program has helped many couples strengthen bonds and enhance trust and communication.

Horses on grass

During this three    day event you and your partner will:

• Learn about the science of love and attachment

• Learn how to identify and correct negative cycles of couple interaction

• Learn how to become more open and responsive with one another

• Learn how to fix relational mistakes and create a secure base

• Learn to bond through sex and touch

• Develop your plan as a couple to keep your love alive

"The most functional way to regulate difficult emotions in love relationships is to share them."

-Sue Johnson


Friday May 26th 6pm-8pm

Saturday May 27th 10am-4pm

Sunday May 28th 10am-4pm

Cost $350 (+hst) per person

This workshop will be held largely outside, integrating ground work with horses intermittently. Please dress appropriately.

**Please note price is per individual.  It is strongly recommended that you attend with their partner.

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May 2023 group

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